Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s famous blue Wagon R, which was used by the Aam Aadmi Party or AAP to demonstrate its commitment to fighting VIP culture and of standing with the little guy, has reportedly been stolen from right outside the government’s headquarters in the capital.


The car was stolen from the Delhi secretariat – the seat of Arvind Kejriwal’s government. The Wagon R was gifted by an Indian living abroad and was dubbed as ‘AAP Mobile’.

The car got plenty of mileage in the news when Arvind Kejriwal used it to camp and sleep in during a controversial protest against the Delhi Police in 2014.

Though Arvind Kejriwal was not using it any more and had given it up in 2014, it was currently being used by the Aam Aadmi Party’s media coordinator Vandana Singh.

The car was seen as proof of Kejriwal’s ‘aam aadmi’ credentials and was used to demonstrate his commitment towards fighting VIP culture and standing with the common man.

The car was used by Mr Kejriwal during his first election campaign and in fact it remained his vehicle of choice even after he took over the office of Delhi Chief Minister.

After the car got stolen, Vandana Singh lodged a police complaint at the IP Estate police station saying that the car was stolen at around 1 pm today.

But twitteratis had a fun day, as soon as the news of Arvind Kejriwal’s car getting stolen went viral. They didn’t leave the opportunity to troll Kejriwal and came up with hilarious tweets.

Here’s how netizens reacted: