Someone who women of all ages can’t help drooling over, someone who makes you go week in your knees whenever he spreads his arms and flashes those dimples, The King of Bollywood would soon be seen in a new avatar on his upcoming reality show ‘Ted Talks India’.


Shah Rukh Khan, who has earlier hosted various shows on the small screen, would now be seen running this inspirational and motivational show, which will also feature eminent speakers from all segments of the society.

The 51-year-old actor was recently addressing the press during the launch of Ted Talks India, where he answered several tricky questions and showcased his brilliant infusion of wit and humour.


He was particularly questioned about his competition with Salman Khan as many people from the cinema believe that his show will start a new ‘war’ between Shah Rukh and Salman fans as SRK’s reality show will be locking horns with Salman’s popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

SRK was also asked if he would love to host a reality show like Bigg Boss, and he answered it with utmost honesty and conviction. He said,

“I have hosted several shows. But honestly I have not been approached for such kind of show, yet. If I will have time, I will. If it gives good money. Having said that, I am not charging for TED as much as the other actors are for their respective shows.”

But the highlight of the launch was SRK’s impeccable wit and humor, which he showed after a Female Journalist goofed up and addressed him as Salman Khan, not once but many times. She mistakenly called the Badshah of Bollywood ‘Salman’, but little did she know that SRK would come back at her in the best possible way.

Living upto his witty image and giving her a taste of her own medicine, he asked the journalist her name to which she replied ‘Lipika’ — and then knowingly mispronounced it as ‘Deepika’. He did this to her twice before bursting into a laughter with her and hilariously catching the audience off-guard.

Here’s The Hilarious Incident: