Former Indian captain MS Dhoni is one of the coolest and calmest cricketer ever to grace the game. His dignified style of playing cricket and refraining from any objectionable behavior makes him one of the most respected cricketers in the world.


Dhoni’s calm and cool style earned him the sobriquet of ‘captain cool’ and he perfectly knows how to keep a check on his emotions and very rarely allows his emotions to get better of him.

However, in the fourth match of the ongoing ODI series against Australia, MS Dhoni was not impressed with Axar Patel’s fielding and gave him the look which he would remember for a very long time.


It happened in the 45th over of the Australian innings when India’s fast bowler Mohammed Shami caught Travis Head right in front of the stumps but the umpire didn’t give it out. The ball rolled towards third man boundary and Axar Patel, who was stationed at the sweeper cover, failed to make an attempt to save the single as he was caught ball watching.

This made MS Dhoni very angry and he gave a ‘good’ look to Axar Patel. Normally, MS Dhoni never gets emotional or angry on the field, but it was one of those ‘rare’ days when MSD got angry and vented his frustration at Axar patel.

Had it been some other player, it would have been a normal moment. But, because it was Dhoni, it’s now a news and fans on social media are sharing this video on Facebook and Twitter.

P.S. We are sure Axar Patel will be more attentive in the field, next time. 

VIDEO: MS Dhoni’s ‘Angry Look’ Scares Axar Patel