2 Women Pilot Did The ‘Kiki Challenge’ Video With A Moving Plane Beside Them


The ‘Kiki Challenge’ or ‘In my feelings challenge’, you must have come across a video of this challenge atleast once on the internet. The internet is currently obsessed with this challenge. The people are going berserk over this new craze and are busy in creating viral videos.


From celebrities to ordinary people, daily so many videos of people enacting this challenge on Drake’s new song goes viral. However, the challenge involves dancing on the road while the vehicle keeps moving beside you.

Going by the risks involved, making and uploading this videos are banned in many countries including many parts of India as well. And in many parts there is a fine and punishment involved as well.

However, a new video has gone viral on the internet, where the girls have taken this challenge to a whole new level. In the video, two women pilot are seen taking the Kiki Challenge, i.e are seen dancing along with the moving plane.

In the video, both the pilots are seen getting down from the plane as the music starts and are then dancing at the song doing the hook steps of the song.The video has become superviral on the internet and people are going berserk with the swag of these pilots.

Here, have a look at the video uploaded by the pilots :

#kikichallenge at new level

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Incredible isn’t ? However, we should also not ignore the risks involved in this challenge.

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