Australian cricket writer and journalist Dennis Freedman who hogged the limelight after he trolled Sachin Tendulkar and initiated a banter with Indian cricket fans on twitter is once again in the centre of a controversy after he tweeted an objectionable picture comparing the Indian flag with a lingerie.

He tweeted the picture of Indian tri-color alongside a pink lingerie with the caption, “Just got sent this by a woman on Facebook. Not sure why she put a map of India in the pic though.”


Dennis loves trolling Indian cricket fans and often tweets outrageous things to draw sharp reaction from Indian cricket fans, but this time he crossed every limit and shamed our tri-color. He even removed Jammu & Kashmir from the flag image he tweeted, prompting Indian fans to badly thrash him on twitter.

If that wasn’t enough, Dennis, who is a staunch lover of Pakistan cricket further tweeted an image of Indian flag made from potholes.

Just few days back, Dennis Freedman had also re-posted his ‘infamous’ ‘Sachin Who’ picture, which ignited a a sharp reaction from Indian cricket fans on twitter.From using sharp words against him to sending photoshopped images, Indian cricket fans gave it back to Dennis and he also re-tweeted some of the tweets.

His earlier banter with Indians had a comical and humorous side to it but what Dennis did today has no justification. He has no right to compare India’s flag with a lingerie and showed his political inexperience by removing Jammu & Kashmir from India’s flag.

His twitter blunder evoked sharp reaction from Indians who thrashed him, with some even calling him a third rate guy.

This user compared it with a Pakistani flag.

This is hilarious!

Perhaps he needs an extra panty.