Is your heartbeat too slow? You need something to pick up the pace? Say no more.

The world in itself is a book with some zillions of stories bumming around. So how do you want to get the story? By its cover? By the first page? Or lets read it whole?


With its fair share of crazy, unbelievable and tragic moments, we’ve put together 14 of the weirdly amazing pics that have ever graced the web. Even if you don’t laugh out loud, a little smile will definitely scroll down from your lips.

Hope you’re curious enough to venture forward. Happy viewing!


Someone give this boy a medal.

WTF is happening! Can someone explain?

Steal it if you can!

Can you spot what’s trying to hide?

Never seen an eclipse before? There you go.

Read condition documents carefully before hiring the cab.

The thing you’re eyeing upon is a doorstep and not an ice-cream.

Still better organized than the queue before ATMs.

Why plates when cups can serve the purpose!

Could have found a better parking spot, no?

WTF are these stairs used for?

Finally a notice worth our attention.

A whole new level of parking. Inspiration – GTA.

Ask your hairstylist to go an extra mile this time.