10 Weird Habits Of Famous Celebrities That Are Hard To Explain


When celebrities move out of their houses and make public appearances, they are mostly well dressed and behave in the best manner but they can. But, just like all of us, they also have habits and secrets that they don’t want their fans to know.

In this post, we have listed some of the most weird habits of famous celebrities that very few of you would know. Here is the list:


1- Megan Fox


The beautiful transformer actress has a disgusting habit of leaving her poop unflushed. She has admitted to it personally and her friends often complain of this gross.

2- Eminem

Eminem prefers to sleep in a completely dark room and makes sure the room is completely blacked out if he is staying in a hotel.

3- Demi Moore

To look youthful, Demi Moore allows leeches to suck her blood. Aaah, that must be torturous.

4- Jeetendra

The veteran actor prefers to eat papaya while pooping as it helps to clean his stomach. Now that’s what you call love for yellow.

5- Shah Rukh Khan

The king Khan of Bollywood takes off his shoe just once in a day as he prefers to be dressed up all the time. He is obsessed with his footwear.

6- Sushmita Sen

The gorgeous Indian diva prefers to bath in open and has a bath tub on her terrace.

7- Kesha

The ‘Tick-Tock’ famed Kesha used to drink her own urine to remain in shape. She even once drank her own urine on a show but was later slammed for it.

8- Pamela Anderson

The stunning Baywatch actress never looks into the mirror as she is afraid of her own reflection.

9- John Abraham

John Abraham continuously shakes his legs as he feels very rest restless.

10- Catherine Zeta Jones

CJZ brushes her teeth with strawberries as she believes it cleans her teeth like anything.

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