Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team skipper and Sunil Chhetri, the football team skipper are great fans since a long time now. Both of them are known for their fitness and their incredible game.


However, Sunil Chhetri recently revealed how he wasn’t aware of Virat Kohli turning into a vegan and how he himself turned into a vegan following the footsteps of Virat Kohli. He revealed :

Yes (when asked if Virat is in touch with him regularly). Most of our chats are about football, diet — I don’t know whether he has announced it, but he is vegan now. I am also vegan now. It is great, it is a good feeling. I didn’t start because of love for animals. Because after eating 2000 lambs I can’t say that. (But at my age) It helps in recovery,”


Sunil Chettri also revealed how he teased Kohli when he first got to know that he has turned a vegan, when he ordered idli instead of some non-veg dish. He said :

“I did chat with him about that. He turned one almost six months back. I used to make fun of him. One of the things we did for Star Sports, he ordered for some idli and I asked him what was wrong with him. His wife is also a vegetarian,”

He was all praises for the Indian skipper and revealed how he is different from everyone else. He also revealed about the incident where Virat Kohli told him that he wants to improve. He said :

“It is not easy to do what he is doing. What Virat is doing is unbelievable. He is also different from others in person. What he eats, how he trains, he is different from others. He actually trains like a footballer, he talks about body fat, he talks about sprints. I think I heard some controversy about sacking some players because of beep tests, and that time I was talking with him and he was asking me about my scores, and how he wants to improve. He actually puts a lot of energy and time on being a better player and it is great because it is something which I learnt from”

Well, we completely agree with him. Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri both are doing some amazing work and are making us proud of them.

Talking about their professional front, while Sunil Chhetri is currently focusing on the Indian Super League where his team Bengaluru FC are looking to bag their maiden ISL title, on the other hand, Virat Kohli is currently playing against the New Zealand.

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