Ronaldo Borrowed Physio’s Phone To Check His Injury And Now Memes Are Going Viral


Being injured during a match/game, can be the worst thing for any sportsmen irrespective of which sport they play. especially when you are giving your best.


Recently, amidst the game, Cristiano Ronaldo faced an injury. A brutal blow left his face bleeding, after his second goal.


Undoubtedly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance was excellent and Real Madrid’d win against Deportivo has taken over the news but seems like it’s something that has caught the attention of Twitteratis.

Cristiano Ronaldo was pulled off the ground after he faced an injury, while giving a powerhouse of performance.

The Physio of Real Madrid rushed onto the ground to check on Cristiano Ronaldo as he suffered a cut near his eye. Christiano Ronaldo then checked his injury borrowing the phone of his Physio’s phone.

Meet the man, who predicted this first.

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