Virat Kohli Is The Best Batsman But MS Dhoni’s Bat Is Costlier. Here’s Why.


Virat Kohli Is The Best Batsman But MS Dhoni’s Bat Is Costlier. Here’s Why: The obsession of bats started when anyone around the age of 10-12 saw the iconic Sachin Tendulkar with the MRF bat, the red grip, the red MRF sticker and the magic that he used to perform with that bat. After that he changed to the Adidas’ version and with that the long obsession with bats ended.

And then came the thunderous MS Dhoni. After coming into the arena of cricket he took the world by storm with his power hitting shots. He particularly won our heart with his signature helicopter shot.


With Dhoni the obsession of bats returned among us. He used to take the world by storm with his iconic RBK bat. On the streets, the kids again found someone as their idol.


Kohli came in to the scenario after Dhoni. And to our excitement, Kohli uses the same MRF bat which was once used by Sachin. But what is the price of these bats?

Virat Kohli

Being one of the most handsome players in the Indian cricket team he is also considered as one of the best batsman. Being that, he would obviously need a best quality bat. What are the specifications and pricing of the bat that he uses?

English willow bat

An English willow bat is being used by Virat Kohli. The bat is made from the finest quality of willow. It is obtained from old trees in England. It provides the right combination of strength, durability and weight which is best suited for a world class player like Kohli.

8-14 years: That’s what the age of wood is

If you look at a piece of wood, the number of rings denotes the age of the wood and one line, i.e. on the bat refers to as one grain. The bat which Virat Kohli uses has 6-12 grains usually. It may be possible that 2-3 grains were lost in the carving process. The age of the wood can be approximately from 8-14 years of age.

Right kind of handle and weight

Kohli prefers a handle which can bring a right kind of flexibility to his wrists. His bat weighs around 1100-1200.


Kohli’s bat is no exception to the fact that all cricket bats have a thick edge with a curved blade.

Profile and pricing

Kohli’s bat costs around Rs 17000-23000. The bat is more expensive if the grain is higher.

Remuneration that Virat Kohli gets for using MRF sticker

He gets a whopping Rs 8 crore just for using the sticker on his bat. What a life!

MS Dhoni

Dhoni uses a Limited Edition Spartan MSD 7 which is not very common in cricket.

English willow

This bat is also carved from the English willow. Grade A/Grade 1 quality is used by Dhoni.

10-16 years of age

8-12 grains that’s what his bat consists of. The age of the wood is approximately 10-16 years

Handle and weight

Dhoni uses the 9 piece cane handle and his bat weighs around 1180-1250 grams, a bit heavier.


MS Dhoni prefers a bat which will have a constant maximum edge profile running from toe to shoulder. A unique choice indeed!

Profile and pricing

Dhoni’s bat costs around Rs 24000 because it is tailor made for power hitting.

Remuneration that Dhoni gets to use Spartan sticker

Dhoni bags a whopping 6 crore for using Spartan sticker on his bat.