Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah Tried To Troll Yogi Adityanath But He Gave A Cracking Reply


The state of Karnataka is going for elections soon and all the political parties are looking forward to speed up their campaigns. And, when we talk of elections, very few political parties in India can match the level of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) when it comes to building up an election and getting its cadre together.


Interestingly, this time, the Karnataka unit of BJP invited Yogi Adityanath to campaign there. We all know that Mr. Adityanath is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and one of the most powerful leaders in the party at the moment.

He is known for his aggressive style of speaking and when he picks an opponent and targets him/her, he makes sure that media gets a lot of discuss in the newsroom.


Recently, Yogi Adityanath addressed a huge rally in Karnataka, on January 7. The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh attacked the present Congress government aggressively and tried to corner them on the issues of digital India, beef ban, corruption and others. Yogi said that this government has pushed the state 5 years back as far the development is concerned.

Mr. Adityanath specifically targeted the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

“[Siddaramaiah] has seen your strength and remembered Hindutva, like [Congress president] Rahul Gandhi remembered temples in Gujarat,” Yogi Adityanath said. 

Just a few hours after Mr. Adityanath’s rally, Karnataka’s Chief Minister Siddaramaiah tried to ‘troll’ Yogi Adityanath on Twitter: “I welcome UP CM Shri @myogiadityanath to our state. There is a lot you can learn from us Sir. When you are here please visit a Indira Canteen & a ration shop. It will help you address the starvation deaths sometimes reported from your state. #YogiInBengaluru”

But, as expected, Mr. Adityanath didn’t hold back and gave a cracking reply to Siddaramaiah. He wrote: “Thank you for the welcome @siddaramaiah ji. I heard number of farmers committing suicide in Karnataka was highest in your regime, not to mention the numerous deaths and transfer of honest officers. As UP CM I am working to undo the misery and lawlessness unleashed by your allies.”

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