Dennis Freedman Insulted Sachin Tendulkar And Got Slammed By Indians


While some people use talent and hard work to make news, there are some who rather fancy controversies and rants on others to satisfy their populism adventures.


Dennis Freedman or better know as ‘Dennis Does Cricket’ is one of those belonging to the latter. He has never missed out on an opportunity to take sarcastic digs at Indian cricketers and his recent Tweet has yet again triggered a mini nuclear bomb among the cricket fans.

This time on the target of his stale rants is Master Blaster. This time the stupid Aussie used a picture of Maria Sharapova with Jack Ma to insult Sachin Tendulkar and its time that Indian fans teach him a lesson for his stupid adventures. This is not the first time Dennis has been on the offensive to the cricket fanatics in India.


He has time and again targetted the Indian cricketers which his sick humour and analysis which he perceives as being ‘cool’ He likes to hurl insults at Indian cricketers and we understand that he finds the Indian players the best in the league. For those who dwell on controversies, their targets are always the best in business and hence first Kohli and now the Little Master.

But did someone tell him that our cricketing stars do not really care about what a lunatic Aussie has to say about them? He may think that he is the king of rants and people do have wrong perceptions, not that we can do much about it.

But this guy needs to be taught a lesson, isn’t it? Should he really be allowed to walk free after triggering such a derogatory insult on someone like Sachin? Or maybe Sachin should gift him some brian and be nice to him giving him a greeting card that reads, “Get well soon Dennis”

This made Indian cricket fans angry and this is how the reacted: