8 Famous Cricketers And Their Past Professions


8 Famous Cricketers And Their Past Professions: One is always curious to know the previous professions of celebrities. Not everyone has the privilege of directly entering into their field of choice, if the field is like Sports or Cinema.

We have sports persons and cinema artists who have done all sorts of jobs…many have left stable well paying jobs to pursue an unsteady career while others have worked hard from nothing to reach their goals.


Here are 8 cricketers and their professions before joining cricket

  1. Shane Bond The handsome sportsman from New Zealand, who now coaches Mumbai Indians for IPL was is a former policeman!

  1. Mohammad Tauqir  from UAE was not only a Banker, but still continues to contribute to the banking sector! Talk about multitasking…

  1. AB de Villiers is a legendary player with too many feathers up his cap, but not only has he excelled in other fields but the areas were in sports itself! He was a badminton champion and was enlisted in his country for both soccer and hockey!

  1. Ian Chappell, The legendary  Australian captain was a baseball player before he joined cricket. Belonging from a cricketing family, Chappell is today considered one of the greatest captains the world has ever seen.

  1. Dipak Chudasama, the Kenyan right hand batsman known as The Doc, is not only a qualified Orthodontist but was also a very successful Table Tennis player. Like AB de Villiers How does one excel at so much!

  1. Joe Dawes is probably the most badass cricketer in this list. Not only was he a policeman, that too for Eight long years, but also he was an undercover officer. We can sense a movie plot already!

  1. Brad Hodge, the batsman and right hand spin bowler, was employed with a petrol pump before he made his mark in cricket. A responsible citizen and an undervalued player, Hodge protested when Indian students in Australia were attacked racially.

1.M S Dhoni, our very own legend, does not need any introduction in any way. His biographical movie has made everyone aware that he was a TT in Indian Railways. His struggle to achieve the pinnacle has inspired every Indian sportsman and dreamer.