Arjun Tendulkar Has Send A Strong Message To Hardik Pandya With This Performance In Australia


The pride of India, Sachin Tendulkar, popularly known as God of Cricket by the fans of cricket, is considered as the biggest icons of all time. Sachin Tendulkar is the highest run-scorer of all time, the complete batsman of all time.


With his calm demeanor and his mastermind techniques, he has ruled millions of hearts and the cricket world. Every time Sachin came out to the pitch, he carried hopes of billions of people and he has fulfilled our wishes every time.The words, “Sachin..Sachin..” still echoes in our ears.


But what if we tell you that things are about to change? Although, not in a bad way. Not because someone else has taken his place (because no one can). But the cricket world has got another Tendulkar and he is not just good with his bat but is a fast bowler too.

Yes, we are talking about Arjun Tendulkar, the son of Sachin Tendulkar.

Be it off-ground or on-ground, Arjun Tendulkar has always been the victim of unfair and high expectations. Ever since he proved himself in Mumbai’s famous Inter-schools Harris Shield, Sachin Tendulkar’s son Arjun has been the victim of immense criticism. Medias, fans and haters of Sachin Tendulkar have already put a hell lot of burden on his shoulders.

But seems like Arjun Tendulkar has not allowed all this things on his head. In fact Arjun seems to be living up to his father’s reputation.

After proving himself on the local grounds and impressing everyone with his talent, Arjun has now taken over to mark the overseas.

Recently, he took part in the Spirits Of Global Challenge-a T20 competition organised by the Sydney Cricket Ground. The Mumbai Southpaw gave an extremely amazing performance at the event.

During this T20 match between the Hong Kong Cricket Club and the Cricket Club Of India, Arjun Tendulkar scored a 27-ball 48 as an opener and then, Arjun went on to claim four scalps in as many overs.

During an interview, Arjun said, “I’m just so privileged to play on the ground named after Bradman, it’s unbelievable.”

When asked about carrying the weight of expectations, Arjun said :

“I don’t take that pressure, when I bowl I just hit the deck hard on every ball and when I bat, I just play my shots and choose which bowlers to take on and which bowlers not to”.

Across the globe, including the biggest players, Sachin Tendulkar has billions and billions of follower, people worship his father as God but when asked about his rolemodel Arjun Tendulkar named Mitchell Starc and Ben Stokes as his ideals,

 “I just got stronger, grew taller and I loved bowling fast from my childhood. I thought I may as well be a quick bowler because there aren’t many in India,”

While Arjun Tendulkar has now started creating his reputation, Australians got a taste of next generation of Tendulkar for the first time.