Hardik Pandya is the most sought-after youngster in the Indian team. The 24-year all-rounder from Baroda has impressed everyone with his all-round skills and has become a regular feature in the Indian side across formats. Hardik Pandya is just the kind of all-rounder India always needed ever since the great Kapil Dev hung his boots.


Hardik rose to fame with the Indian Premier League and he then knocked the doors of the Indian team. In a very short period of time he has attracted a lot of admiration for his talent and hence his presence in all formats of the game played by Indian has become indispensable.

The youngster is now a guy with a handsome bank balance but that wasn’t always the case. His story is one about rags to riches. From hardly being able to afford a meal in a day to make big bucks in cricket, Hardik Pandya’s story is one crazy journey.



  1. Comes From A Very Humble Background

Hardik Pandya comes from a very humble background. According to people who have known his family, this family could hardly afford a meal in a day. Even Kiran Moore, whose academy the Pandya brothers were a part of did not take any fee for the first 3 years.

2. Dropped Out of School In Standard 9th

He always wanted to be a cricketer and always wanted to focus on nothing but cricket. So, to save himself from any distractions he gave up studies after he failed standard 9th.

3. Started cricket as a leg spinner

Hardik used to bowl leg spin but one day, at Kiran Moore’s academy, there was a shortage of fast bowlers for a match and Moore asked him to take the responsibility. Pandya surprised one and all with his brilliant display of fast bowling. He took 7 wickets in that match.

4. Famous As The West Indian Of Baroda

Pandya is a very flamboyant character on and off the field. He plays the game with a big smile on face and keeps things very simple. Because of thus flamboyant style and colorful attitude, he is popularly known as the ‘West Indian of Baroda’.

5. Holds A Handsome Record To His Name

Hardik Pandya holds the record for hitting most runs in an over in the Syed Mushtaq Ali trophy. In one of the matches of the tournament, he scored 39 runs in an over.

6. Pandya Brothers Are Called The ‘Maggi Brothers’

Since the two brothers ate a lot of Maggi, they were hence named as the ‘Maggi brothers.’

7. Earned just 400 per match initially

About 3 years ago Hardik Pandya used to get just 400 bucks for playing a match. Now this number has multiplied manifold.

8. His Talent Was Discovered By John Wright

Hardik Pandya’s talent was discovered by John Wright, the coach of the Mumbai Indians. The rest is history.