10 Most Handsome Cricketers To Have Ever Played The Sport


Cricket is a crazy sport and hence it is followed with great craze all over the world. Through the journey of international cricket, the world has witnessed some really extraordinary cricketing talents. Besides great talents, the scenarios of international cricket have also given the world some handsome heartthrobs who made even girls fall in love with cricket

Here we bring you the 10 Most Handsome Hunks to have ever played the sport of cricket.

Here is our list

These cricketers have not just been popular for their cricket but their killer looks have made girls go gaga over them. So, The Cricket Lounge has tried to compile a collection of the most handsome faces to have ever played cricket. In our list taking the top spot is the amazingly handsome former bowler Brett Lee. These charming men have made girls go gaga over them.

10. Imran Khan

The former Pakistan cricketer and one of the greatest all-rounders the world has ever seen was and still continues to be a handsome hunk. Imran Khan is still the heartthrob of millions.

9. Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom Afridi has always been popular for his looks. He is one of the most handsome cricketers to have played for Pakistan. Shahid Afridi has a big female fan following.

8. Michael Clarke

The former Australian captain is one of the most charming faces in the cricketing fraternity. Making his debut in 2003, the stylish batsman took Australian cricket to great heights

7. Ricky Ponting

The former Aussie captain was a handsome hunk when he used to play cricket and even now Ponting continues to be amply handsome. Ponting has always had killer looks that made girls fall for him.

6. Brendon McCullum

The former explosive skipper of the Kiwis is no less than a Hollywood hero and he is one of the most handsome players to have ever played the game.

5. Kevin Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen was very famous for his lethal looks in the days he used to play cricket and even now his charm has not receded. Pieterson takes the fourth spot on our list.

4. James Anderson

The tall and handsome English bowler makes millions of heart beat faster as he runs in handsomely to bowl.

3. Virat Kohli

The hotshot Indian skipper is second on the list. He recently got married and left his mammoth female following disappointed. Virat Kohli is the most handsome and the hottest Indian captain ever.

2. Shane Bond


This former Kiwi Bowler was very handsome and very hot in his cricketing days. He looked like Hollywood actor and we would perhaps loved him to play some leading Hollywood characters. The tall and handsome bowler was just the perfect heartthrob.

1.Brett Lee

Do we really need to say anything about Brett Lee?

So, these were the 10 most handsome cricketers to have ever played the game according to us. If you have different choices, we would like to hear from you.