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Shashtri Tharoor Gave A Cracking Reply To A Britisher Who Insulted ‘Idli’

It has already been justified and proved over and over again that Indians have the most varied and tastiest food ever. Indians and food is a couple that is bound in holy matrimony and can neither survive without the other. Thus, being extremely particular of our food choices, we would surely not stay shut if someone raises a finger at our delicacies. Recently, a British professor was given a lesson over social media for calling Idli the most boring food to have ever been present.

It all started when Zomato tweeted asking for dishes that people do not understand the hype about. To this, Edward Anderson had replied with his idea of not understanding the hype about Idli.

This tweet caught the eye of Congress MP and Indian Politician, Sashi Tharoor son, Ishan Tharoor. He then shared the same stating that this is one of the offensive.

Soon enough the same was noticed by Shashi Tharoor himself, who stated that Edward might be a challenged person to feel this way. He tweeted, “Yes, my son, there are some who are truly challenged in this world. Civilisation is hard to acquire: the taste & refinement to appreciate idlis, enjoy cricket, or watch ottamthullal is not given to every mortal. Take pity on this poor man, for he may never know what life can be.” take-ups

Soon after Edward was enraged to see the way he was getting thrashed and came forward to clear out that he generally likes South Indian food and it is just one dish that he does not like.

But Edward soon geared up and took a jab at Shashi.

Edward, however, did not want to stop there, he prepared a full-blown south-Indian meal following that and tweeted the same with a message.

He also added the fact that the Sambar and the Chutney were a delicacy later.

We all get the fact of going all defensive about our favourites, but to be honest it is not completely correct to slam and judges a person based on their individual likes and dislikes. Do you agree?


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