“Where Would India Be Today If The British Didn’t Rule?” Shashi Tharoor Gave A Brilliant Reply


India had been a land of wealth and fortunes since ages. From and before as early as the 15th century, India has always been a land which seems to have been blessed, by the thousands of Gods and goddesses that we worship.


From then to today, our country, India , has gone through a wave and tides of highs and lows. The lows undoubtedly was during the rule of British on India and unfortunately enough, this continued for over than 200 years.

In today’s India, there are many individuals who have very strong views and thoughts about the British’s rule in India. Whenever there is a discussion on this topic, every Indian has something or the other to talk about , to express the anger and such obnoxious feelings about that period because of which we stand today almost behind a 100 years from where we would have otherwise been, purely in terms of the economy of our country.


Of many famous personalities of India, who have their opinions on the thought of what India would have been without the Britishers, one of the most prolific orators is Mr. Shashi Tharoor. He is the leader if the pack of individuals who knows to put Britain back in its place.

Earlier this week, Shashi Tharoor appeared on ABC TV’s Q&A for a panel discussion on politics and the world at large. Towards the end of the show, an Indian-Australian audience member  asked Tharoor if he thought that there were any positive aspects of the British colonising India. Tharoor took straight into fact and figures to rip apart on the thought of any good the British have done for India.

In a 90-second speech he almost ripped apart any mistaken thought that the audience had in their minds. Talking about the fall of economic growth rate to the poverty that the Britishers perpetrated, Tharoor said it all.

“90% of the population living below poverty line when the British left India in 1947. A literacy rate – you speak of education – below 17%, and a life expectancy of 27”. 

“The growth rate of British India from 1900 to 1947 was 0.001%. That’s what they were doing while draining the country of taxes and resources”  

“Education! My gosh, the British! The last thing they wanted to invest in was educating Indians”

“Will Durant, the American historian travelling in India as late as 1930, pointed out that the entire expenditure of the British on Indian education was less than half the entire high school budget of the state of New York”

“All the IIT’s, the engineering achievements you’re talking about were established after Independence by the Government of India”

“There is simply no comparison between the accomplishment of India rising from the ashes the British left us in, and what was done in the 200 years before.”