Sushma Swaraj, is one of the perfect example that not every politician is bad. Sushma Swaraj has gained respect and love from Indians all over the world for her social work and her down-to-earth and helping nature.


Sushma Swaraj is also known for handling her trollers and haters well on twitter. There have been many incidents when Sushma Swaraj has took our hearts away with her tweets. However, this time she posted a very strange tweet and has left everyone curious about it.

Sushma took to her twitter and posted a mysterious number ‘638781’, no caption nothing but just a number.Twitterati are left wondering about the number and the results are damn right funny and hilarious.


Here, have a look at the tweet of Sushma Swaraj :

As soon as the tweet caught eyes, twitter was flooded with tweets, with people busy in guessing what the tweet is all about. While some guessed it is an OTP number the others said it is some country’s code. Well, no one really knew what this mysterious number was but the twitterati came up with hilarious responses.

Here, have a look at the reactions of twitterati on this :

Hilarious isn’t it ?

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