Subramanian Swamy Insults Rajinikanth After His Entry Into Politics


The Superstar of South and one of the most loved personalities in India, Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics and said he will launch his own party. “I am joining politics for sure,” the 67-year-old said amid thunderous applause from fans.


“I have put in my efforts, all that is left is to shoot the arrows. I will surely enter politics. The current situation demands it. In the upcoming assembly election, I will start an independent political party, and contest in all 234 constituencies. Before that local body – since there is little time left, we will not be contesting that election. General election – at that time I will decide,” Mr. Rajinikanth said.

“I am not entering politics for fame or money. You have already given me fame and money – much more than I could ever dream of – not for the throne – if that is what I wanted… it came to me in 1996, but I pushed it away. At 45 I did not seek the throne, why would I fancy the throne now, at 68. This is not for the throne,” he added. 


“Politics has become very corrupt here. Democracy is under threat. Over the last year, political happenings in TN have made the people hang their head in shame. People of other states are laughing at us. Even now if I do not make the decision to enter politics, the guilt of not having served the people who gave me my livelihood, through democratic means, will haunt me till my death. Everything has to be changed. The time has come for a political change. The system needs to be changed. Honest and transparent, free of religion and caste, spiritual politics. That is my intent, wish and goal. One man cannot achieve that, all you people have to stand with me. This is no easy task, I know. Starting a party, contest and form a government is like diving in the mid-sea to obtain a pearl,” Rajnikanth said in the background of thunderous claps of his supporters. 

Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Member of Parliament Mr. Subramanian Swamy laughed a full-fledged attack on Rajinikanth after his speech. Swamy called him “uneducated” and “corrupt”.

“Rajini is an uneducated man. What will he tell us? This is a just an age-old story of another Tamil actor joining politics. I will always oppose Rajinikanth. Tamil Nadu’s image can only improve when it gets rid of cinema stars. He has still not announced a political party,” said Swamy.

“This is a joke, Tamil Nadu requires something serious. The mood in Tamil Nadu is to get rid of all the film stars in politics. Rajini is entering politics at the wrong time and place. He should be worried, in fact, that all his black money trail will come into the limelight. The people of Tamil Nadu will not fall into Rajini fan clubs’ song and dance. Fans club cannot become a political outfit,” added Swamy.