Taking digs at each other during at elections is a very common thing. Politicians leaves no stone unturned to demean each other during campaigns and attract people. Infact, making fun of the rival parties and their leaders is their common strategy.

The rivalry between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi is known to all, and both of their parties are always making fun of each other. Amidst the ongoing campaign for the upcoming elections in Chattisgarh, Rahul Gandhi took a hilarious dig at Narendra Modi as he posted a few pictures with his lookalike campaigning with him on his Instagram account.


Here, have a look at the pictures he uploaded on his Instagram account :

Here, have a look at the pictures below :




Just to let you know, the lookalike of Narendra Modi is Abhinandan Pathak, who was earlier  a state vice-president for UP’s BJP-led NDA constituent Republican Party of India. He left the party and joined congress later.

As soon as Rahul Gandhi uploaded these pictures, it became a topic of discussion online. While many took it as ‘just a joke’ like how it was meant to be, many people started slamming the President of congress.

Here, have a look at how twitterati reacted :

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