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Police Caught On Camera Taking Money; Video Goes Viral

In our country, the police taking bribe from people is nothing new. Every now and then, the Indian citizens have had to experience this at least once their lifetime, especially when facing the traffic police. The only thing that differs is the style in which the bribe is taken. These days, people are having to maintain social distancing and keep away from getting in touch with other persons due to the coronavirus scare. However, that has not been able to stop the police from taking bribe as is seen in this video posted via this tweet.

Here, we can see that a police officer is taking bribe from two women on a scooter. While one of them is standing right next to her, probably knowing how much amount she has to pay, the other woman remains seated on the vehicle. In the next frame, it is seen that the traffic police officer, who is wearing a cloth around her face instead of a mask, has turned around and the woman standing next to her is slipping in some money in her back pocket.

The video was derived via mobile camera from a rooftop and was posted on Twitter. The sheer uniqueness of the method of taking bribe by the traffic police officer was so amusing that the video went viral in a few minutes.

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