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Mia Khalifa Insulted Indians And Kangana Ranaut Gave A Fitting Reply

With the farmers’ protest now sparking the entire nation for the moratoriums placed on them with internet being snapped on Delhi borders and with the ban being extended, various artists are pouring in their reactions.

After the fight between the centre and the famers, the latest celebrity coming in the blend was adult movie star, Mia Khalifa. The celebrity questioned the Centre’s decision to snap internet near the protest sites in Delhi. She attached a photo where a lady could be seen holding a placard stating, “Stop Killing farmers.”

In the tweet, Mia cited, “What in the human rights violations is going on?! They cut the internet around New Delhi?! #FarmersProtest.”

As soon as the star tweeted, the fans and the audiences came out all guns blazing at her. A few underpinned her notion of supporting the farmers while others questioned her morale.

Before Mia, the farmers also received the support of Greta Thunberg, the pro-environmentalist and Rihana.
“We stand in solidarity with #farmersprotest in India”, Thunberg tweeted late on Tuesday night.

Rihanna had also shared the same CNN article and tweeted why “we weren’t talking about this”.

It has been quite some time now that th3 farmers are waging a war against the laws passed by the centre.

With everything said and done, Kangana Ranaut came up with a reply against Mia. She tweeted, “Librus who are getting excited about these American porn stars giving paid opinions about our internal issues, well 99 percent India does not care or respect American way of life, one of the most debouched, money minded and self centred societies. So calm down fools …”

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