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List Of Countries With The Cheapest Mobile Internet Plans

The Internet rules us more than we rule it. It is surprising how a technology that was created by us, rules and has an effect over the creator itself. The world runs on the bars and the network that is on our devices always. It makes us happy, sad, angry and informed all at once. To be honest life in the 21st century would deem almost impossible if the connection was not kept up.

It has swiftly shifted to a necessary from luxury and there is no turning back. Knowledge is at the abundance and just a touch or searches away. Especially during this Covid scenario, the internet played an extremely important role in keeping the entire work and educational institutes up and running. From meetings to work, sharing to lectures all took the online platform in 2020.

Here in the same scenario, let us thus take a look at the cost of the internet worldwide.


Being one of the most economical countries to reside, the cost of internet is approximately $0.26 per GB. This keeps the matter concentrated and very easily accessible to almost everyone with a smart device


Russia stands second with a cost of $0.91 for 1 GB of Data. The amount does look on the thinner side, but with the amount it is required, it can barely be contested.


Italy stands third in the world scenario. It charges an approximate amount of $1.73 for 1 GB of data. It, however, depends on the amount of internet pack you are signing up for.


Nigeria charges $2.92 for a single GB of data as per the records that were published in 2019.


Australia stands at a position of fifth from the top with a charge of almost $2.47 for 1 GB of data. This is however an average estimation from all the service provides.


France stands sixth, just after Australia. The beautiful country has a cash amount set at $2.99 for the internet of  1 GB.


Brazil gets up on the seventh rank with a charge of $3.50 per GB. The amount starts rising from this country as it is in the requirement of the living quality of a certain place.


Spain does a number on us as it charges around $3.79 per GB. This charge puts it at number eight on the list.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Flag Animation Close-up (Depth Of Field)

The charge of the UK is around $6.66 for a single GB of data. The amount is not that much as per the requirement and monetary transaction as per the country.


Germany stands at the 10th position and comes in a close contest to the UK as it charges around $6.96 for 1 GB of internet.


China outdoes almost everyone above and poses an increased fare of around $9.89, which is close to $10 for a single GB of a plan.


Canada is hailing from extreme conditions charges a high amount of $12.02 for a unit of data GB. The amount puts Canada in the position of 12th.

United States

The US charges close to $12.37 for data provision. The amount comes quite close to Canda and thus stands at number 13.

South Korea

South Korea for some reason that is not yet clear charges an astronomical amount of $15.12 /per GB as per the list published by Forbes.


Lastly, Switzerland is in the last rank as it charges an amount close to $20.72 for one GB of data alone.

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