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Lesser Known Facts About Bollywood’s ‘Bodyguard No.1’, Shera

We are all aware of Salman Khan’s body-building fad and also an imposing fact that he himself is capable of taking on a number of men at the same time. However, even the best of best needs a hand, and Shera has played as the main hand of Salman Khan in terms of security.

Despite being equally famous like Salman Khan in standards of security, Shera has been guarding Salman for 25 years and will continue to do so. We will like to bring you a few unknown facts about this wonderful human being who is now an equal part of Salman Khan’s family.

1. Shera’s real name is Gurmeet Singh Jolly. He was born in a Sikh family in Mumbai and his love for bodybuilding has been there since childhood.

2. Shera’s unadulterated love for bodybuilding has propelled him to take up the sport and he went on to win Mr. Mumbai in 1987. In the ensuing year, he also went on to participate in the Mr. Maharastra Junior competition.

3. Shera met Salman in 1995 and has been with him ever since. It is 25 years now that these two have been together.

4. According to reports, it is claimed that Salman Khan pays Rs 2 crores annually to Shera which comes up to Rs 16 lakhs per month, quite a whopping salary for security. However, being with Bhaijaan has its own perks.

5. Much to the astonishment of everyone, Shera has his own security agency which has been heavily linked with guarding moguls of the industry.

6. Shera has also guarded the famous singer, Justin Beiber at the behest of Salman Khan when he came down to Mumbai for a promotional event.

7. Shera has pledged his never-ending alliance to the Bollywood star as he believes that the brotherly love which these two share will continue until their last breath.

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