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“I am not dressing for you”, Deepika Padukone Gave A Fitting Reply To The Trolls

Deepika Padukone is a big name when it comes to her presence in the Bollywood industry. However, in the recent run, she has established her identity in the Hollywood industry as well. She along with Priyanka Chopra were the two most gorgeous ladies from Bollywood who were a part of the Met Gala. Amidst the lavish glamour, both the actresses ensured to leave a big mark of themselves through unusual styles of dressing.

As we all know, Met Gala is a platform where all the celebraties come up with a creative and unique touch of fashion. As the event demanded, both Deepika and Priyanka traced unimaginable fashion too for the night. However, Twitter was flooded with innumerous trolls and memes on both of them, especially Deepika for being an unimaginable “fashion-joke” of the night.

Deepika chose to wear a satin dress to Met Gala whereas Priyanka pulled off a long-trail trench coat dress. On an unfortunate remark, both the beautiful divas were utterly body shamed and trolled for their “degrading” fashion sense at a global event like Met Gala.

In a recent interview, when Deepika was questioned about the trolls, she simply said:

“I think the focus is too much on the clothes. The idea is to have fun. I am sure my team will come up with something amazing but the idea is to keep it fun. The only time I will allow any sort of comment on my attire is when the flak comes from my mother or my girlfriends.”

She further added:

“It’s a collective decision. We work together to create a look. I am not dressing for you, I am dressing for myself, so it’s okay if you don’t like it. I think all of us have a signature style, something that you are comfortable in. I have some things that I’m comfortable with… I like to put my hair up, I like red lips. I’m fortunate enough to work with the industry experts who help me find the balance between my comfort and the current trends.”

Deepika’s banging reply made everyone go crazy for it. She was highly praised and appreciated by many for coming up with a befitting reply. She enjoyed a course of positivity from the netizens and hence made it clear that she is not someone who tolerates negative trolls with ease.

Check her video: https://youtu.be/SFspYHsCwis






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