Every little or big thing in this world has a story or history behind it. And like everything else, every big brand also has a history behind it.

Here,  we bring you a list of 12 top brands in the world and the unknown stories behind these brands, have a look :


1. Band-aid was invented because the inventor’s wife was prone to injuries :


Yes, you read that right. Earle Dickson, the man who invented band-aid used to work in the ‘Johnson & Johnson Company’. He invented the band-aid because his newly wedded wife was prone to injuries and used to cut herself several times a week. To help her quickly bandage her wounds in his absence, he made a few strips and stuck squares of gauze and made some ready-made bandages. When the company got to know about the invention, the company started mass production of it and it was a huge success. Earle Dickson was also made the vice-president of the company after the success of his invention.

2. Mountain Dew’s purpose was to be a whiskey mixer :

Mountain Dew, the soft drink was invented as a mixer with a high profile distilled alcohol, named Moonshine and not as an energy drink.

3. Nutella was supposed to be a substitute for chocolates :

Nutella was made as a substitute for the chocolate by Pietro Ferrero of Italy in the 1940s as after the second world war there was shortage of those chocolates. The inventor was trying to create a cheaper chocolate with locally available hazelnuts and a little cocoa.

4. Nokia once used to sell Toilet papers :

Nokia used to sell Toilet Papers and black rubber boots, way before they started making mobile phones.

5. Fanta was invented as coco-cola was not available :

As bizarre as it may sound, but Fanta was made as coco-cola was not available. During the regime of Nazi, the head of Coca-Cola company invented Fanta in Germany along with a few smart heads from locally available fruit ingredients after there were many bans were imposed on the country, which made it difficult to transport coco-cola.

6. Lamborghini exists as an insult :

Ferruccio Lamborghini entered into car business and manufactured Lamborghini because Enzo Ferrari insulted him as he faced problems with the ferrari model he bought. Later, Ferruccio made his own brand of car the world knows today as Lamborghini and beat Ferrari in its own game.

7. Kellog’s Cornflakes were designed to stop people from masturbating :

The creator of Kellog’s cornflakes, John Harvey Kellogg, believed that consuming non-veg increases the desires for sex and thus he started making food that didn’t contain meat and were healthy, but major because he thought that Cornflakes reduces the urge of sex and masturbation.

8. IBM helped the Nazis to kill millions of Jews :

IBM is one of the leading multinational company. The company was directly involved in the mass executions of the Jews under Nazi Germany.The company followed the orders of Adolf Hitler and the company was responsible  for the identification of Jews, estimate their population, calculating how many Jews needed to be transported to the ghettos and even prepared tags for them, resulting in the mass execution of Jews.

9. Pepsi was once the sixth-largest military power in the world :

At one point of the time, Pepsi became the sixth largest military power in the world in terms of diesel submarines. It happened in 1980s after the USSR decided to give Pepsi 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate and a destroyer to continue functioning as USSR wasn’t able to make the payment in dollars to the American company.

10. Puma and Adidas were technically one company :

The founders of both the countries, Puma and Adidas were brothers who once started a shoe company called Dassler Brothers Sports Shoe Company. However, as their business spiked, it created many difficulties in between both the brothers.After the second world war, both the brother split and made two companies, which are now two most popular companies.

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