‘Every beautiful thing has some kind of pain behind it’ – well every place in this world has many stories hidden beneath it. Every piece of land has it’s own stories, while some are good and pleasant to heart, the others are insanely horrifying to death.

We all love visiting new places and exploring the beautiful locations, however, many of us will never know the insane facts and history about the places.


Here, in this article we bring you a list of a few horrifying places in the world with some deep insane facts attached with it. Have a look :

1. Dubai-UAE :


One of the most popular tourist places in the world. It has the most beautiful buildings and premises in the world. However, it also has an ugly history behind it. These beautiful looking buildings are build using cheap slave labor from the South Asian countries.

2. Eiffel Tower – Paris :

Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular and attractive tourist place in the world. It majorly attracts the people in love however, it has a very horrifying side to it as well. More than 349 people have committed suicide by jumping off the tower or hanging themselves to death.

3. The Alps – Europe :

The most extensive mountain range in the world has thousands of human bodies buried beneath the snow of this scenic beauty.

4. Angkor Wat – Combodia :

The Angkor Wat faces towards the west unlike all the other Angkor temples. The west is considered as the face towards death.

5. Nu’uanu Pali, Hawaii :

This beautiful scenic location has a horrifying story behind it. The military of King Kamehamesha forced Oahu’s complete military to jump off the cliff to their death.

6. Mount Everest :

The highest peak in the world, Mount Everest is full off climbers dead bodies. Apart from this, it also has increasing waste matter of more the 50 tons.

7. Mount Fuji – Japan :

Mount Fuji is one of the famous peaks of the world. However, at the bottom of this peak lies an infamous forest that is known as ‘the suicide forest’. It is infamous for all the dreadful reasons.

8. Tokyo – Japan :

‘Yakuza’ – the crime syndicates were originated here. Now you know why they ask you to be beware of the bars that offers free drinks.

9. The Louvre, Paris :

One of the most beautiful museums you will ever see. But the artwork of this museums is entirely stolen from nations that have been captured by Napoleon.

10. Ganges River, India :

The most Holy river of India that flows across India and Bangladesh into the Bay of Bengal is full of bodies of humans and animals and excreta.

Well, that’s enough insane facts for today.

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