Forget a good life partner or a nice family, the person who has a good boss is actually the most blessed person. Having a nice boss is like having an unlimited party with food and drinks. I mean what else a person needs other than an understanding Boss.

Here, in this article we bring you 10 Best Bosses in the world that will really make you hate your boss, because they are too good, have a look :


1. Savjibhai Dholakia :


Savjibhai Dholakia is the owner of Hare Krishna Exporters, he is more like a dream boss. He made headlines in the year 2016, when he gifted Fiat Punto cars, flats and gold jewellery to 1,665 of his employees, based on the annual performances of his employees.

2. Brunello Cucinelli :

Brunello is a blessing for his employees. He is known for giving many benefits to his employees such as :

  1. His employees get a mandatory 90 minutes break everyday.
  2. Donates 20 percent of his company’s profits to his foundation.
  3. Pays his employees 20 percent more than other Italian factory staff members.

3. Richard Branson :

Richard Branson who is the owner of Virgin Group, gifted a year long paid leave to new parents, who worked in the headquarters of his company.

4. Indra Nooyi :

Be it from our teachers or principal, our parents have received many complaint letters. However, the parents of employees working at PepsiCo received thankful letters from Indra Nooyi. Telling it to fortune magazine, Indra Nooyi admitted :

I said, ‘Therefore, I’m writing to thank you for the gift of your son, who is doing this at PepsiCo, and what a wonderful job this person is doing.’”

5. Ian Lucas :

Ian Lucas of Red 7, on the occasion of their 20th anniversary, took all of his employees to a fully paid 3-day luxurious trip.

6. Brian Chesky :

Brian Chesky of Airbnb is giving all the bosses major goals. He gives amazing benefits like-

  1. Full paid health insurance.
  2. 22-week maternity leave.
  3. Apple equipment.
  4. Flexible spending accounts.
  5. Three weeks of paid time off.
  6. $100 monthly allowance for parking or public commute.
  7. $2,000 travel coupon each year for vacation goals.
  8. Free organic lunches.

7. Andrew Fingerman :

The CEO of PhotoShelter is the coolest boss ever. He gives a beer party to his employees every month. Revealing the reason behind it, he explained :

“Because group members range across teams and seniority, inevitably we talk about work challenges and ideas. We also get to know each other as friends. It brings us closer together, and some very innovative ideas have emerged.”

8. Dan Price :

The CEO of Gravity Payments, Dan Price, slashed down his salary by 90% to reward his employees and raise their salaries.

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