Mas**ba*ion Is Good For Health But How Frequently Should One Do It? Here Are All The Answers You Need


The world is changing and so are the mindsets of people. Earlier people used to consider “sex” as a taboo and forget talking about it, people used to shy away from uttering the word. However, things have changed now, people are now openly discussing about sex and the terms related to it.


Masturbation or self pleasing is yet another act which was considered as taboo, people now don’t cringe in talking about it or admitting that they do this act. Afterall, what is the harm in releasing all the sexual tension without external help? This is just another form of self-love.

Everyone does masturbation, however, not everyone is aware of the benefits and harms of it. There are many questions related to masturbation that usually comes to our head when we think about this act, including  Is masturbation healthy? If yes then how often should you masturbate? Is it okay to create the masturbation environment whenever you feel like?


Well, we have your answers. The experts have said that the self-pleasing act is healthy, however, the number of times a person masturbates in a week varies considerably from person to person, depending on one’s hormones.

Well the number of times a person can masturbate is 1-2 per day in adolescents which kinda reduces with age. However, people have different reasons to masturbate. Also there are almost no negative effects of masturbation, but there are many positive sides as well.

In men, Masturbation helps you sleep better, improve your self-esteem and body image and helps in treating sexual problems.On the other hand, in women it can relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension.

However, as they say too much of anything can be harmful. Also if masturbation is becoming a compulsion and an uncontrollable obsession,you have a problem there.

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