Childhood is the best time of our lives. Thinking about the childhood moments might make us feel old but they never fails to bring smiles back into our lives. That was the most beautiful time of our lives, no mobile phones or gadgets, no stress of our work life, no relationship problems, just living life to the fullest. Well, we can’t bring back your childhood but we can surely bring back some of the memories of your childhood back to you.

So, here we bring you a list of some things that every 90s did, these things will bring back memories flooding into our lives, have a look :


1. Saving Mario’s Princess was our biggest goal as a kid :


Well, every relationship has their own ups and downs but we made sure that Mario meets his girlfriend and lives happily after. Agree or not, but playing Mario was our favorite passtime and we all worked very hard to save Mario’s princess.

2. The eternal truth :

“Shakti..Shakti..Shaktimaan”,  you will be lying if you say you don’t remember the lyrics and tune of the title track of this show. Before Superman, Spiderman, Batman, there was Shaktiman and he was everyone’s favorite.

3. My Bat , My Rules :

Life was all sorted back then. The boy with the bat was given the VIP treatment in the team, so that the other teammates can play with the bat as well.

4. Our secret spots :

Remember how we used to hide under the bed or inside the cupboard, whenever we used to get angry or upset on something or someone? We all had our secret spots to hide, where we use to sit for hours alone.

5. “Humara Bajaj ” :

No one can understand the bonding of Son and Father over riding a scooter. The feel that we used to get while riding on our father’s ‘Chetak’ is still better than all these luxurious cars isn’t?

6. “You can do this once you grow up”

Well, we all wanted to look and become like our parents, be it grooming ourselves or doing make-up or dreaming of having the same profession as them, our parents were our biggest role-models back then.

7. Having a walkman was a matter of pride :

Remember showing off your walkman to your friend and classmates? Well, back then having a walkman was a matter of pride.

8. ‘Jaddu ka pitara’ :

Remember closing the door of refrigerator slowly and waiting for the lights to turn off? Well, this magic was a mystery back then.

9. Tongue twisters :

Remember the swag and attitude we used to have while saying “Chandu ke chacha ne, chandu ki chachi ko, chandi ki chamchi se, chatni chatae” ? Well there were many more and learning these tongue twisters were still easier than any of those hard poems of our textbooks.

9. “Mere pass maa hai”:

Be it saving us from dad or any situation, our mom was a savior then. Remember how she used to always jump in with excuses and save us from our father’s scoldings, just like a superhero?

Have more points to add in the list? Share them with us in the comments below.