From titanic to blue whale, there have been many things that we have only seen in movies, which have taken us by surprise with their size. However, these things are a lot bigger than you expected.

Here, have a look at some of the things that are so huge that it will just make your jaw drop in surprise :

  1. A fully grown wombat:

2. If Moon was replaced with Saturn :


3. Human’s hand in comparison with Gorilla’s hand :

4. The salt water crocodile :


6. The largest tree in the world :

7. Props used in LOTR movies for close-ups :


8. Michaelangelo’s David: 

9. That’s a road sign :

10. Comparison of USA with Moon :

11. Giant oceanic manta ray: 

12. The difference in the size, $10,000 in $1’s and $100’s :

13. Adult wolf and wild boar skull :

14. A traffic light :

15. Bear’s claw in comparison with human’s hand :

16. 400,000 volt underground cable’s size in comparison with human hand :

17. That’s a comet and the city of LA :

18. An eagle’s claw:

19. . That’s a giant pyramid of Giza:

20. A Blue whale’s heart :

21.The largest flying animal Quetzalcoatlus Northropi : 

22. A moose :


23. A Bus :

24. Modern cruise in comparison with the Titanic :

25.Completely inflated lungs of horse : 

26. A humback whale :

27. Do you know? :

28. A leatherback sea turtle :

39. Giant African land snail :

30.This is how many earth can fit inside the sun:

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