We Don’t Understand Why These People Are Insulting Manushi Chhillar


What a proud moment it is for India, when Manushi Chhilllar became the Miss World 2017. After Priyanka Chopra was crowned Miss World in 2000, there hasn’t been any Indian to get the title of Miss World for 17 years, Until now. Manushi Chhillar was a medical student in Bhagat Phool Singh Government Medical College for Women in Sonepat.


But life had other plans for her. In 2017 first, she became the Miss India World and now she has snatched the title of Miss World. Manushi Chhillar is the sixth Indian woman to win the title of Miss World. After winning Manushi said she’s still letting it sink in and she is very excited to make India proud and is looking forward to the years ahead.


Manushi’s parents are doctors. She was born in Haryana which is known for being one of the worst states in sex ratio. She acknowledges that her parents have always been the support pillars of her life and she’s glad they were there with her that night.


It seems her strong bond with her parents helped her substantially in her way to become the Miss World. After being shortlisted in the top five she had to go through the question answer round. She was asked “which profession deserves the highest salary and why?”. To which she answers that a mother deserves it the most.

She also proceeds to clarify that it is not cash that should be considered the way to pay a mother back, but it is the love and respect. Even though the answer got her the title of Miss World, it didn’t stop some people of her own country from criticizing her about it. Like here in this facebook comment one person says:


“Motherhood? A profession?!? Really??!??Motherhood is not a profession…mothers will agree on that…looks like she said that due to the lack of a better answer…and she probably would have rendered the same answer, had the question been on role models or inspirations!!! Probably what is expected in these situations is to give a winning answer…not a valid one”

But most people are generally proud and are happy about her winning the title of Miss World. Like here a woman who is not bothered about what answer she gave but is thrilled that an Indian won the Miss World:

“I can feel dat when d lady said INDIA. GOOSEBUMPS”

Or this man explaining how he doesn’t mind Manushi‘s answer but would like to interject:

“My answer would be a teacher, they are so underrated despite the fact that all great leaders and successful persons are nurtured (not in all aspects but mostly) by teachers. But anyway her answer is also perfect, and congratulations..”

So are we a progressive nation which would rather criticize one of our own for their groundbreaking achievements or proudly embrace her for her hard work to achieve such success. The choice is upon you.

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