Very Few People Know About Hina Khan’s Rocking Transformation From A Desi Bahu To A Diva


Having shot to fame with her debut TV soap ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ (YRKKH), Hina Khan, has now the privilege of being a household name in millions of viewer families in India.


She is indeed one of the most successful of TV actresses that India has ever produced, based on her popularity among the audience.

These days, her source of fame lies in being a contestant in the House of Bigg Boss, where she is like a fierce tigress who would fight tooth and nail to keep her place and pace in the show.

Her new fame finds its source in the controversial events where she has frequent fights with the other contestants and throws out mean comments directed to them. Apart from this, there has been another radical change in her, which is in the terms of style and fashion sensibilities, as she has transformed from her Sanskari Bahu avatar, to that of an internet celebrity, as her fashionista photos are doing the deserved viral rounds across the many different social networks and websites all around the internet.

The following picture sets of Hina Khan bring out the physical evidence of the “before and after” of this noteworthy and recent change in her. Make sure you notice the unmistakable differences that, once you notice them are absolutely droolworthy.

Hina’s debut show, having aired for the first time in 2009, in still winning the hearts of millions of Indian TV viewers, who are now spread across the world.

Ever since it was getting aired, it was a quick hit and the characters gained immense and instant popularity among the masses, especially that of Hina Khan. Here is how she had looked in those heydays of yore.

While her older traditional avatar must have had enough charm to rule the sensibilities of millions, I bet many of the viewers, especially of the younger generation, must always have wondered how she would look under a contemporary stylistic measure, dressed in a figure hugging western set of garbs. And the effect is, well, here for all of you to see.

Now let’s look at her fashionable stint that got her new waves of popularity among the masses and youth following since she is now a fashion role model for the contemporary Indian Youth.