Indian Idol, running through ages, this show has completed almost a decade. Indian Idol is one of the most popular singing reality shows in India. Since our childhood, we have been watching this show and there are so many memories attached to it.

Remember the first time, Abhijeet Sawant grabbed the trophy of Indian Idol season 1, every heart was praying for him to win the season. Throughout the journey, all these years many things have changed about the show, be it the hosts of the show or the judges or the contestants. They all have changed a lot all these years.


Here, have a look at some of the contestants from the Indian Idol and their transformation from then to now:

1.Abhijeet Sawant:


Abhijeet Sawant, the first winner of the first ever season of Indian Idol. Abhijeet won hearts of millions of people with his soulful voice. Look at the amazing transformation he has gone through all these years.

2. Rahul Vaidya:

Rahul Vaidya was one of the contestants in the first season of Indian Idol. He won the hearts of many girls because of his charm and good looks. This is how he looks like now, more charming, more good looking.

3. Antara Mitra:

Antara Mitra was one of the contestants of Indian Idol season 2. She made everyone go crazy with her mesmerizing voice. She has even sung the song Gerua with none other than Arijit Singh himself. This is how she looks like now.

4. Sreeram Chandra Myampati:

Well, look at the transformation first of all. Sreeram was one of the contestants of season 5 of Indian Idol. He was also awarded by Amitabh Bachchan.

5. Meiyang Chang:

Meiyang Chan is an ex-dentist, anchor, singer and an actor. He has transformed himself a lot over all these years.

6. Monali Thakur:


Monali Thakur was one of the contestants in the season 2 of Indian Idol. She needs no introduction now. Her songs including superhit “Moh moh ke dhaage” are famous for her melodious voice. Her transformation is quite impressive.

7. Neha Kakkar:

Neha Kakkar, needs no introduction. She is the voice behind every hit party number nowadays. She has ruled the punjabi music, she is now ruling Bollywood. She looks completely different from when started her career as one of the contestants of Indian Idol.

8. Bhoomi Trivedi:

Bhoomi Trivedi, the voice behind “Ram chahe Leela chahe Ram..”, yes she is the one. She was a contestant in Indian Idol. She looks completely different now.

9. Bhavya Pandit:

Bhavya Pandit stole everyone’s heart with her cute and innocent looks back then. She was the queen of vocals. She made her way very fast to Bollywood from Indian Idol. She is still ruling hearts for her cute and sexy looks.

10. Arpita Khan:

Arpita Khan was one of the contestants of the season 5 of Indian Idol. She has a sensational voice which helped her gain many fan following. She has been singing for Bengali movies now. And she has transformed a lot.

11. Devendra Pal Singh:

Devendra Pal Singh is a living example of “Practice makes a man perfect”. He was a part of Indian Idol season 6 and his transformation is fabulous.

12. Amey Date:

Amey Date was a part of a musical family. He was a part of Indian Idol and is practicing music since a very young age. This is how he looks like now.

13. Nakash Aziz:

Nakash Aziz, to make it easy for you, he is the voice behind “Selfie le le re” song from Bajrangi Bhaijaan. He was a part of Indian Idol season 2. He has sung many songs in Bollywood. He has transformed a lot too.

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