This Indian King Bought 7 Rolls Royce To Clean Garbage. And The Reason Is So “Royal”


To many richness is not an abstract of the heart but a status to show off and to settle their prejudices and egos. This holds absolutely true in the manner in which emperors used to show off their richness and please their pride and prejudices by flaunting what they had.


Rolls Royce happens to be one of the best cars in the world and one of the most expensive too. Anyone who owns one will be seen as being ultra-rich but what would call someone who together bought a fleet of 7 Rolls Royce? Before you go looking for adjectives to define such crazy sort of richness, let me tell you that this Indian Maharaja back in 1920
bought a fleet of 7 Rolls Royce cars only to collect garbage. Don’t you believe it?



This interesting story of pride and prejudice belongs to Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar. In 1920, the Maharaja was on a vacation to England. One day he walked into a Rolls Royce showroom but the salesman took him to be an Indian commoner and denied him the test drive.

The Maharaja looked very casual at that time and had no escorts by his side and was hence construed to be a common man.

This made the king amply infuriated and he immediately ordered that a fleet of 7 different Rolls Royce cars be shipped to his palace back in Alwar. not just this he also asked for the salesman who had defied him the test drive to accompany the fleet.

The fleet of Rolls Royce cars was then deployed to the collection of garbage in and around the palace. So, this is how the Maharaja of Alwat settled his prejudice by making the luxurious Rolls Royce a carrier of garbage.

Rolls Royce was taught a lesson by the Maharaja of Alwar who made a joke out of the status symbol that Rolls Royce has always been known for. What do you have to say about this story?