This Exhibition Displaying Clothes Of Rape Victims Is An Eye Opener For India


With the increasing number of rapes everyday, it’s hard to say that there’s any humanity left in this world. So, many rapes are happening everyday around the world and if rapes aren’t enough, people blame the victims for rapes.

While some of them says that the girl was roaming around late in the nights, others say that she was wearing short dress that evokes the perverts to rape women. In sharp words, victim blaming is just another rape. We don’y know and we’ll never know what the victim might be going through.

Since, the starting of our teenage, we girls are ordered, Do not to go out alone, do not party late night, don’t travel alone, don’t wear short dresses, nightclubs aren’t safe for girls, sit properly, walk properly, don’t laugh while talking with boys, or don’t talk to boys at all, these are common advises we all girl hear everyday for the sake of our own safety. Our parents to keep us as safe and as protected as they can but still some monsters abduct girls (irrespective of their age) and rape them. Some penetrate them with iron bars while others rips their organs out. But still the society finds our clothes to be blamed for the rapes.

This world can never progress until people starts respecting women and stops victim blaming. The only person to be blamed for rapes are rapists, the monsters living in the guise of humans.


To support this believe and to stop victim blaming, an exhibition took place in Molenbeek, Brussels. The exhibition was called “What were you wearing?”, it showcased the clothes victims were wearing during the time of their rape and which actually proves the fact, that clothes have nothing to do with rapes.

Lieshbeth Kennes, who works as a training and counseling person in a victim support group, CAW, that has provided the clothes for the exhibition, said:

“What you immediately notice when you walk around here: they are all very normal pieces that anyone would wear. There is even a children’s shirt with an image of ‘My Little Pony’ in the exhibition, which brings home a harsh reality.”


Talking about how it’s only a women’s choice to wear whatever she wants to wear,Molenbeek prevention service’s project manager, Delphine Goossens, said:

“We would like people to understand that every women could wear what they want, they shouldn’t be attacked. That’s what the exhibition shows: no outfit prevents rape.”


It’s high time that people stop blaming victims for their rapes. Rape is never the fault of a victim.