If there’s something you cannot be totally sure of, it’s your own life. The moment you think that every thing is going pretty well and you are doing wonders in life, it turns the table and shows you a middle finger.

At one moment we are happy and the second moment life gives us lemons. In this post, the team of Funniest Indian has compiled 12 such pictures, where life took an unexpected turn and something hilarious happened.


12 Perfectly Times Indian Pictures:

1- When she doesn’t love you but still has to pretend it


2- When your nose wants Coca Cola more than you

3- When you are finally getting married but your stomach conspires against you

4- When you are about to get married but fart comes in between

5- When your ex doesn’t leave you wherever you go

6- When the climax scene of Karan Arjun is coming but the entire city is covered in floods

7- He should have used Itch Guard. His Best friend would not have been happy. 

8- The unluckiest boy in the world. Sunny Leone in your school but you forgot to do your homework that day

9- When you don’t need Yoga but sleep

10- When you are prepared to go to any limit to impress her

11- When your girl finally agrees for a date but her father turns out to be a policeman

12- When you are trying to show off your skills but fail miserably