With all sorts of revelations being made against Babas in India, the time is not far when Indians will stop believing in these so called Babas. While some have been accused of murder and rape, and have been convicted, their real life stories find uncanny resemblance with Bollywood villains.

Here Are 9 Convicted Babas and their Bollywood avatars:


1- Swami Sadachari 

Swami Sadachari enjoyed a massive following before he was convicted by the Supreme Court for burying his wife alive to usurp her property. He is presently in Jail.


The villain which best portrays him is Naseeruddin Shah from Mohra, who killed his wife, and fooled everybody around.

2- Swami Premananda

Swami Premananda of Tiruchirapally ashram in Tamil Nadu was convicted by the court for raping 13 girls and murdering a SriLankan resident.

He was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in 1997 by the Sessions Court in Pudukkottai, the Chennai High Court (in 2002), and then the Supreme Court (in 2005) confirmed the Judgment. Premananda died on 21 February 2011 due to illness.

Evergreen rapist of Bollywood, Prem Chopra perfectly matches Premananda. With an insatiable desire for girls, premananda was a real incarnation of Prem Chopra, the villain.

3- Chandraswami

Chandraswami, who claimed to be a psychic, an astrologer and a faith healer, acted as a power broker and made many business dealings. The MC Jain commission report in 1998 dedicated an entire volume to his alleged involvement in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

An income-tax raid on his ashram reportedly uncovered original drafts of payments totaling $11 million to arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi. CBI has registered a case against him for his involvement in the conspiracy to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi.

Like Chandraswami, Swami Virendra from movie ‘Sarkar’ brokered deals between politicians and even plotted murder of few influential men.

4- Sant Rampal

Sant Rampal is presently facing contempt as well as several murder charges. He is presently locked down in jail and is waiting high court verdict in his cases.

5- Nirmal Baba

With an annual turn over of Rs 235 crores, this Sikh turned Hindu guru claims to have achieved moksha in a jungle in Jharkhand. There have also been several cases against him for alleged fraud and cheating.

Baba Nirmal resembles Leeladhar Swamy from Oh My God. On the pretext of magic and having spiritual powers, these both gurus fooled people in real and reel life respectively. There can be no contractor of god.

6- Narayan Sai

The 41 year old Narayan Sai is the son of Asaram Bapu, and is locked in jail for allegedly raping several women. He himself admitted to having relationship with more than 8 women and has been further accused of bribing the local authorities for weakening the cases against him.

He has an estimated worth of more than Rs 5,000 crores.

Narayan Sai is the real life incarnation of Ranjeet, who focused only on girls and money.

7- Nithyananda Swami

Nithyananda’s truth was revealed after a news channel telecast footage showed him having sexual romp with south Indian actress Ranjitha.

The swami had set up his headquarters — Nithyananda Dhyanapeedam — at Bidadi on the Bangalore-Mysore highway and ashrams across Tamil Nadu and in Varanasi and Puri as well as meditation centres in a dozen countries.

The Bad Man of Bollywood is just like Nithyananda. Spiritual from outside but greedy from inside.

8- Asaram Bapu

The once much revered spiritual guru, who had followers from all over the world, was accused of sexually exploring little girls in his Ashram and was later convicted by the court. He is presently in jail.

The biggest rapist of Indian cinema, Shakti Kapoor’s Bollywood roles perfectly personify Asaram bapu.

9- Gurmeet Ram Rahim

The self styled godman was recently convicted by a Haryana court in cases related to rape. He has been sentenced to 20 years in jail and has been accused in several other cases related to rape and murder.

Like Mogambo, Ram Rahim has his own personal army, millions of rupees and a filthy mind.