These Are The 15 Funniest Questions Asked By Indians on Quora.


Quora is a social networking website where people ask various questions from each other, directly or indirectly. It’s a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, edited and organised by the ‘Quorans.’

Quora was made public in 2010 and since then it has evolved very much over all these years. It has evolved so much, that even if we search for a normal question in Google, it redirects us to Quora, where our questions are already answered by someone. But exceptions happens everywhere.


Over all these years, Quora has also become a cesspool of engineers who are trying a little too hard to one up each other while participating in a circle-jerk.


Here, we bring you some hilarious Quora Questions & Answers which will make you laugh till you cry:

1. This guy took Savita Bhabhi magazines too seriously:

2. He should ask this to Anoop Soni:

3. Someone make him watch Diya Aur Baati Hum…:

4. Oh so destructive :

5. Such a cold cold world it is:

6.Yeah Right -_- :

7. Mann Ki Baat:

8. No we really didn’t noticed that:

9. Full Marks For Trying:

10. Lololol :

11. This is how it works, this is how any of it works:

13. Oh so much values, so much culture, I might puke:

14. Then where will tinder go? :

15. Ohh yeaah! You are smart :

After all these hilarious answers and questions, all we can say this:

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