Indian cricketers are always in news for one reason to another, be it their personal life or their professional life, they always manage to stay in the limelight. The Indian cricketers have a huge fan following across the globe because of their unbelievable talent and skills.


They have always set an example for youngsters to follow their dreams and make it big in their life. But their talent and skills isn’t limited to the ground only. Apart from cricket, out favorite sports-persons have been entitled with these honorable jobs.

Here, have a look:

  1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni:

Our captain cool, MS Dhoni, hands-down was the most successful captain Indian Cricket Team ever had. We all love watching him on-ground, giving a tough time to the competitors but when he’s not playing cricket, he’s doing the same. MS Dhoni serves as, Lieutenant Colonel in Indian Territorial Army. He was given this honorable rank in 2011. Apart from this, he is also a Vice President of The Indian Cements Ltd.

2. Sachin Tendulkar:

Better known as the God Of Cricket, he was honored by The Indian Air Force as the group captain in 2010. Along with that, he is also an active member of Rajya Sabha since 2012.

3. Harbhajan Singh :

Harbhajan Singh is the most successful player of Indian Cricket Team. In 2001, he got honored with the Deputy Superintendent Of Police (DSP) by the government of Punjab.

4. Kapil Dev:

The legendary cricketer, who brought India it’s first world cup. Kapil Dev was honored with the position of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army in the year 2008.

5. Umesh Yadav:

The fast bowler of Indian Cricket Team, Umesh Yadav was appointed as the Assistant Manager in the Reserve Bank Of India.