Somebody has rightly said, beauty has no caste and gender. A person’s sexual orientation is not a valid parameter to judge his/her beauty. The advent of science has opened the door for people to go under the knife and change their sexual orientation.

In a country like India where Transgenders are looked down upon and sex transformation is a still a taboo , there have been brave people who have had the courage to stand against the world and undergo a gender change operation. This post is dedicated to those people who were actually born as males but are now beautiful women who have progressed in their respective careers and have touched new heights.


Here Are 5 Indian Women Who Were Male Once:

1- Nikki Chawla

Nikki Chawla, who hails from Mumbai is the first woman from India to undergo sex change. She got her genitals changed and converted into a woman. Nikki had a brief brush with the glamour world as a model.


2- Mallika

She is the first transgender from India to feature in a beauty pageant. She has participated in many beauty contests in Thailand and became the first Indian to participate in Pattaya extravaganza.

3- Shinata Sangha

The Indo-British model has the perfect blend of hotness with beauty. She has participated and won various beauty pageant’s.

4- Bobby Darling

Bobby Darling underwent genital transformation and converted to Pakhi Sharma. She later married to a Madhya Pradesh businessman but is presently embroiled in a bitter divorce war with him.

5- Gaurav Arora

Splitsvilla fame Gaurav Arora went under the knife and became Gauri. He got a proper breat implant and is now a gorgeous woman.