Innovation is a hallmark of excellence and Indians certainly excel in that. We can have anything done whenever and wherever we want. We master the art of being cool. We master the art of getting ‘jugaad’ done.

We definitely don’t like to follow the old conventional ways but prefer to pave our own ways, sometimes we take it too seriously. Now, if you haven’t tried to become the ‘ghar ka desi mechanic’ atleast once in your life, you need to question yourself about being a true Indian.


Here, we have a few pictures that tell you how perfectly jugaadu we can be. Have a look:

1- You don’t need a cushion seat to drive a car


2- The best seat in the train

Jugaad 1

3- Because mirror is just too main stream

Jugaad 3

4- Who needs a chair, when friends are around

5- Best freezer in the town

Jugaad 2

6- How innovative can somebody get?

Jugaad 5

7- The mother of all laptops

8- When he entered the mandir without any worries

9- Beer Golgappa’s! Must be yummy!

10- Fusion at its best!

Juggad 6

11- Who needs an artificial remote? When you have the biggest natural remote at your disposal

12- Can’t buy a car? no problem!

13- Who needs a plumber when an engineer is at home

Jugaad 7

14- Optimum use of resources

Jugaad 8

15- Nal-key, isn’t it?

16- The slipper stump!

Cricket jugaad

17- Who says CD’s have become outdated?

18- Isn’t it the world’s most refreshing shower?

19- Fusion of cycle and motor cycle

Jugaad 12

20- When you can’t afford an elephant

Jugaad 14

21- Who says you cannot sit outside a moving train?

Jugaad 13

22- Chillest beer in the town!

23- Is ghari ka waqt kharab thaa ya fir aadmi ka.

24- When music is all you want

25- A giant step for mankind

26- When sleeper coach turns into an AC coach

27- The power of Dell

28- The power of car in a bicycle

29- Natural life jacket

30- Because boys cannot afford to cry