Creativity is a crazy art considering it can be applied anywhere and everywhere, be it making a Robot or a toilet sign board.Restaurant owners generally go for creative toilet boards which adds to their serene aura of the restaurant. It also makes sure that people don’t get confused which one to go into especially if they are in a different country or state. Some of these boards are so creative that it will make you want to meet its creator.

Here Are 20 Creative Toilet Sign Boards From Around The World:


1- Direct but subtle


2- Nobody would get confused after seeing this

3- Wait, looks like the toilet has been used for totally some other prupose

4- For people who take a lot of interest in line direction

5- Just throw your turtles in the pot not anything else

6- A paradise washroom

7- The pirate is looking at you

8- Some people might get confused after seeing this

9- It happens only in India.

10- The direction speaks for itself

11- This is pure class

12- This is rather cute

13- Heights of imagination

14- The world of cock and cat

15- This can be a bit confusing if you are high

16- This toilet even explains the whole process

17- Because women will always argue

18- Subtle and cute!

19- Heights of creativity. 

20- The best description of all