These 15 Pictures Prove That No Other Nation Can Be As Funny As India


In this post, we have listed 15 pictures that will make you laugh and cry at the same time. From spiderman smoking sheesha to an aunty wearing ‘WhatsApp wali saree’ in a metro, we Indians are effortlessly funny.

Check out these pictures:


Our boards are a little messed up. Just a little.


No other nation loves Whatsapp as much as we do.

Khatron Ke Khiladis are in the house.

Our spiderman is way too cooler than their spiderman. India 1 Others 0

Arguably, the most qualified chaat wala ever?

Are cows lucky before exams? Its seems so.

A dedicated worker of a political party showing his love for the leader.

Our Babas are rockstars. Cool hair, cool attires, cool stuff and they can do these stunts, too.

One family advertises for two different websites of the same niche. Shabash, India.

The coolest auto rickshaw trio ever.

Even our mosquitoes are daring. That little chap is staring right into the eyes of a mosquito killer machine.

Having a cool and calm shave right in the middle of sea.

India is, probably, the only the place in the world where religious places ate built on Facebook’s theme.

Because having idli-sambar is too mainstream. We, in India, have Italy Samber. We would like to assume it has too much white sauce.

We, Indians, don’t waste money on Google glass because we are the world leaders when it comes to jugaad technology.