You see Mannequins everytime you go out to shop and perhaps they are the main attraction which tempt you to go inside a shopping store. They stand outside the stores staring at you expressionless and emotionless.


But not every Mannequin has the same story. There are some mannequins which express themselves. They look like they actually want to give you some message, perhaps they are tired of standing and wants to go on a break. Nevertheless, these mannequins provide a laughter burst to people who see them.

In this post, the team of Funniest Indian brings for you some of the most funniest Mannequins from around the world.


14 Funniest Mannequins from around the world:

1- When you are a classical dancer but also a Mannequin.

2- When you just cannot control your emotions

3- When your inner Devdas comes out

4- Story of Monday morning

5- When Mannequins decide to have fun

6- She doesn’t give a f**k!

7- When D&G advertises for Amul, ‘kyunki yeh aram ka mamla hai’.

8- Even Mannequins are hungry for food

9- When you don’t want to stand up but you have to

10- Even Mannequins have their mystery world. An alien Mannequin.

11- Somebody please give her itch guard.

12- When you don’t find a cab after party

13- Even Mannequins are dog lovers

14- Heights of poverty!