Are you tired of your 9 to 5 job? Of your boss yelling at you? Well we have a list of 10 dangerous jobs which make you fall in love with your regular 9 to 5 jobs. These jobs are so dangerous that one mistake by them, and many lives are at stake.

Have a look at the 10 most dangerous jobs in the world :




This is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Working with live wires is a very risky work. In some cases these electricians have to work at heights, at places with fire, with carbon monoxide, the fear of blast and current is always at its peak.


Being fisherman is not an easy job. These fishermen have to go through a lot of problems in the middle of deep sea and oceans. This job is only for a daring person.

3. Transport Driver:

People dying because of road accidents never fails to shock people across the globe.These transport drivers are always on the risk of death.

4. Firefighter:

This work is filled with difficulties and risks. They have to work in worst to worst and life threatening situations. They risk their own lives to save people and properties.

5. Logging:

The woodcutters are doing one of the most daring jobs. They have to work with sharp equipment and objects. One mistake and there life is at stake.

6. Miners:

Miners have to work in deep caves and with all the silica around them. This is the reason why these people suffer from life-threatening diseases.

7. Communication-tower climbers:

Communication-tower climbing is one of the most riskiest jobs in the world. The way we can so easily talk with each other, all the credit goes to these communication-tower climbers. So many people die while maintaining and fixing these towers.

8. Construction-site foreman :

Construction work is very risky and difficult. It requires lot of courage apart from skills. So many miss-happenings happen daily in one form or other, so many people die because of accidents that happen on the construction area.


Climbing through wooden stars and sometimes with the help of rope is a very risky work and requires a lot of courage. So many people suffer from life threatening injuries and sometimes death too.

10. Bodyguards:

Bodyguards puts their own life at risk to save the lives of the people they are working for. They fight with people and perform risky tasks in order to keep their boss safe.


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