There Is A Reason Why Every State Has A Different Uniform For Police


 You must have noticed that every state has their own unique police uniform. Although the standard color of uniforms all over the country is khaki, Kolkata police maintain a unique appearance by wearing their white uniform. In India, uniforms differ based on grades, religion and duty assigned.


During the mid-1800s, the white uniforms of British soldiers were died in the color of Khak, which meant earth, dust, and ashes. This dusty color then became permanent and is still used.


British military officer Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden and his subaltern William Hodson introducd this trend of mud coloured dress called khaki back in 1848. These soldiers were regarded as the only properly dressed light troops in India.

However, the Kolkata police use a white uniform. They are divided in three major parts and it is easier to differentiate them thanks to the color of their uniform.

The Kolkata police is tasked with the responsibility of protecting the metropolitan area of Kolkata and hence their white uniform differs from the Khaki uniform of West Bengal police.

The uniform of Karnataka police is also very interesting.

They wear trousers and full arm shirts. The lower ranked officials of their ranks such as Constables and Head Constables wear a slouch hat which is inspired from the Australian Army.

Puducherry Police wears a red hat as it was formed under French colonial rule. It resembles the French Capi which they wore at that time. But according to Times of India report, the days of khaki are about to end.

Delhi Police:

Punjab police:

Maharashtra police:

Madhya Pradesh Police:

Rajasthan Police:

National Institute of Design and Bureau of Police Research and Development have developed a new all-weather uniform which will be worn by states, Union Territories, and Central paramilitary forces.