The Self Made 24 Year Old Tycoon Is An Inspiration For All Those Who Dream Big


“Passion understands just one thing, making horizons seem inferior 

   The ones who know how to execute their aspirations are meant to be superior”


How far can you chase your dreams, how well can you explore the passion inside of you?  The inspirational story of Siddhant Bansal from Chandigarh would make you rethink about your commitments towards your goals as his story redefines passion and determination. Meet Siddhant Bansal, the guy from Chandigarh who is a business tycoon in the making.


From a modest salary of 18000 per month to being offered a handsome package of 45 lakhs per annum by Uber, Siddhant Bansal’s journey is about an untamed passion to challenge the ordinary and a clinical execution of his aspirations to rub shoulders with the best business tycoons across the globe.

In contrast to his passion and persistence, even horizons seem inferior and at the age of just 24, Siddhant Bansal serves as the finest inspiration for all youngsters who aim to fly high. He is a perfect metaphor for inspiration for all those youngsters who are crazy about their dreams.


Siddhant very strongly smashes all the stereotypes wherein a person is known for his educational qualifications. Coming from a non-technical background,  Siddhant Bansal is on the verge of curating a revolution in technology by giving India its own parallel of Uber.

Siddhant Bansal, the extravagant tycoon is another fine example of the fact that to lead a technical giant, you need not be necessarily a tech guy by qualification. His skills to adapt in accordance with his dreams and his enthusiasm to keep learning makes him a great guy. The only way of life this ardent young lad knows is going forward.

He comes from an arts background. Not many would have anticipated that he would be known as a  tech agility expert one day. But he is running a cluster of technology-oriented startups at just the age of 24 which is just phenomenal.

His story is a clear narration of the fact that neither do grades determine future and nor is any age too young to dream big. If grades were anything to go by then he has often hit low but his aspirations and his dreams were always far away from the ambits of grades.


He Graduated from Panjab University, Chandigarh with a Bachelors of Arts. He followed it up with a Masters in Public Administration from the same university. By qualification and by profession, he is a totally different person and his keenness and enthusiasm to explore the technical world make him much more successful than many others who may have pursued technical education.

Born and brought up in Chandigarh, he always did not have as much as exposure as a metro city would offer him despite the fact that Chandigarh is indeed a beautiful city. But like any other thing which he did not come in his way, the limited exposure offered by this beautiful small city too did not become any hindrance to his achievements.


Clearly, he is a great endorsement of the fact that aspirations don’t go by qualifications and nor does success. Siddhant may not himself be from a technical background but he has a huge staff of engineers from IITs working under him. Some of the best technical brains around are working under his fine leadership.

From a different background altogether to become a tech prodigy, his journey speaks of paramount hard work and the passion for learning things with precision. This is not any fluke or a matter of chance that went his way but with an unimaginable amount of hard work he has reached here.


Siddhant isn’t just a tycoon in the making but also a great leader who knows how to marshal his troops well. He knows how to pull out the maximum from his resources and his staff’s potentials.


Siddhant too likes to hang out with his friends, attend Saturday night parties and enjoy life like most of us but when it comes to hard work and execution of his plans, he is a workaholic and a clinical professional who does not compromise on his work even one bit. He is just like many of us but yet so different and yet so inspiring. He keeps an amazing balance between his personal and professional life and this is something most us struggle in.

Not all of us have the guts to deny a package of 45 lakhs coming from Uber but Siddhant Bansal had even bigger dreams set in his eyes and he was always flamboyant about reaching there and this confidence makes him a money minting machine at just the age of 24 and an inspiration for millions. He is taking long strides each day and what keeps him going is a sense of relentless hard work and a never fading passion.

His handsome venture, Aloha is all set to give Uber and Ola a befitting competition as he has worked extremely hard to turn his dreams into pleasant realities. Aloha will enter the cab market very soon as a convenient alternative for customers. To throw a challenge to Uber and Ola at just the age of 24 takes some special courage and some extraordinary hard work and this is where Siddhant Bansal’s story is so inspiring and fascinating.


At just the age of 24, Siddhant Bansal, the tycoon in the making will be creating job opportunities for so many people across different fields. From hiring technical staff to customer services staff to drivers, Aloha will generate a large number of employment opportunities. The passionate youngster is not just pursuing a race to be one of the most successful tycoons but is also curating careers and job opportunities.

These achievements seem so big in contrast to his age but as we said earlier, his aspirations defy age. He is going strength to strength each day and very soon India will see a new hotshot tycoon of its own.