There are so many celebrity power-couples, who never fails to give us some major couple goals – from fitness to their romance to travel goals, the celebrity couples have always ruled our hearts with their perfection. However, in this article we are going to talk about a power couple who are not celebrities but are very inspirational. After knowing about their transformation, you will forget all about your favorite celebrity couples.

Well, agree or not but we all, at some point of our times have craved for that perfect body shape that we wanted. But it’s not that easy, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication and this is the reason we have failed miserably. However, this couple of India is making it to the headlines for slaying together with their fitness regimen.


We are talking about a Marwari couple from Jodhpur City, Rajasthan, India who are breaking the internet with their incredible transformation. The couple went on an incredible fitness journey together and helped and motivated each other to transform completely.

The incredible journey wasn’t easy for them, the couple together defied the cliches and are working together for the betterment of their own self. The couple refrained themselves from carbohydrates and all the junk and fried food and worked hard to get in shape.

Before this jaw-dropping transformation, thee 40 years old Aditya Sharma weighed 72 kgs while his wife, Gayatri Sharma weighed 62 kgs.

The couple came from a conventional and conservative background, where everyone started mocking their fitness obsession and the changed eating habits. However, this doesn’t stop this couple from moving forward in their fitness journey.

Aditya is the Nutrition Consultant & Fitness Trainer himself, he finally preferred to invest in himself and his wife. On the other hand, Gayatri was a housewife and a mother of two. She admitted that she was sugar addict and  never took care of her because she was always looking after her household. However, with the support of her husband she finally chose to change her eating habits and follow a strict fitness regime.

The couple also confessed how their families were not supportive at all and used to call them crazy, however, their opinions changed after they saw the transformation of the couple.

Well, we must say that the transformation of this couple is really mind-boggling. Kudos to them for choosing a healthy lifestyle and for inspiring us to take care of our health.

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